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The Top 5 Great Benefits of Your Ro Water Filters

Posted by on Oct 31, 2016


Using a ro water filter provides a multitude of benefits. If you are looking to purchase one, you may be surprised to know that there are many different types of water filters to choose from in the market, that each has distinct advantage and features.

If you are one of the smart people looking for a quality water purifier, here are the top 5 great benefits that you will get:

1. Environmentally Sound

The use of a water purifier reduces the use of plastic bottles that pollute the environment. The amount of waste coming from plastic containers is cut, as you don’t use disposable plastic bottles. The use of a purifier is an excellent way to promote clean and green household living. Safe drinking water is very important. Check out Jim’s Blog for more info.

2. Safe Drinking Water

Water that has undergone filtering is now safe to drink, and free from harmful elements that have been proven to cause various diseases. Clean and pure water improves your overall immune protection, as by drinking quality water free from any contamination gives the body its optimum hydration. You will get beautiful clean and fresh water from your filter that is safe to drink.

3. Cost-Effective

Instead of buying bottles of water always, costing several hundreds of dollars each year, and which pollute the environment, the use of a water filter allows you to cut down the cost of your water by at least 50 percent.

4. Safe Water in Emergencies

Sometimes, disaster hits. Even in our cities, unexpected pipe accidents or water outages happen. In those cases, we can no longer rely on our taps to supply pure drinking water. In any emergency, water, including bottled water, will become scarce. Having a water filter on hand will mean that you will still be able to enjoy filtered, clean and safe good water, without worrying so much about where you will get drinking water from. A water purifier will not only help you save your money during sudden emergencies like this but give you peace of mind.

5. Health Benefits

A water purifier can save you from a lot of health problems caused by additives in town water. Chlorine that is added to water to reduce the increase of harmful bacteria and germs can cause cancer and kidney problems in sensitive individuals if taken in excessive amounts. With a water purifier, a high proportion of the chlorine is filtered out. Filtered water tastes much better, and is safe and much better for your health.

Buying a Ro Water Filter

The introduction of a filter to your life will no doubt bring you the same benefits as it has those people who are already converts.

People who formerly had to drink tap water filled with chlorine or were forced to buy bottles are now enjoying fantastic health, saving money, and experiencing peace of mind through the reliable performance of their home filtration system.

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“High Quality” Drinking Water?

Posted by on Oct 19, 2016

High-quality drinking water is essential for your health and the APEC reverse osmosis water filter is the perfect tool for providing you with clean and pure water at an affordable rate. While bottled spring water is increasingly affordable and APEC filter can provide you with virtually unlimited gallons of purified water at a fraction of the cost of even the most economical bottled waters. Start drinking delicious reverse osmosis water today. Straight tap water is invariably laden with chlorine, fluoride and other nefarious contaminants which can damage your health but these are removed by the APEC reverse osmosis water filter.
The APEC reverse osmosis filter is relatively easy to install (depending on your level of handiness you may wish to contract this task to another person but the installation is relatively painless for such a large system) and will save you the hassle of constantly going to the store to purchase bottled water or struggling with massive water jugs. Since it is a complex system there is some installation required and you may need to purchase an item or two from a hardware store or hire someone to complete the installation for you but this is only a brief one-time expense after which you will have fresh, pure drinking water straight out of your tap and you will simply have to change the filters annually. This upfront expense is a small price to pay for having pure and delicious drinking water available on command. Your yearly expense to replace the filters is a modest $39 whereas the cost of purchasing bottled water at $1 a gallon can easily approach $365 per year. This unit will pay for itself in no time and save you the hassle of constantly shopping for water.
The water which you drink out of the APEC water filter is crystal clear with a significantly lower PPM than tap water. Straight tap water usually has 400 or 500 PPM of contaminants whereas APEC reverses osmosis filtered water usually has a PPM of only 20-30, which is equivalent to store bought spring water. You will absolutely taste the difference. But it’s not just the taste; filtered water is significantly better for your health than tap water. Purchasing and installing the system is a small price to pay for instant access to delicious, pure filtered water. It will remove nitrates, pesticides, chemicals and anything that may be deleterious to your health which is in your water.
Fluoride is one of the most toxic substances known to man, yet many municipalities add this chemical to the drinking water, claiming that it is good for children’s teeth. The APEC reverse osmosis filter has an average rejection rate for fluoride at 98%, which is extremely high for water filters, and very important for your health. This is the highest rejection rate you will find on any system less than one thousand dollars in price. With a reverse osmosis system, you will be able to use ultra clean water for all of your daily household purposes, including cooking and brushing your teeth. This is not viable if you are purchasing bottled water commercially but much healthier than using tap water for these tasks.
You can taste the difference that reverse osmosis makes, now see the details.

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